Wellness Packages

New for 2021, we are very excited to announce our new Wellness Packages!

Overview and Prices

Our Wellness Packages are designed for Patients who are not dealing with an active complaint, but wish to continue experiencing the many benefits of Chiropractic Care. Maintenance care can help to maintain mobility, reduce stress, boost the immune system, and more. For many patients, it can reduce the severity of chronic conditions and help to reduce risk of future acute injury.

At this time, we currently offer the two following packages:

Package prices are ideally for the whole year, and are to be paid in advance. If prepaid visits are used toward a new injury or issue, they may not last the whole year. Also, if months are put on hold, they may last longer than a whole year.

What if a New Injury or Acute Aggravation occurs?

If a patient has a new injury, acute aggravation, or a chronic illness flare-up that requires an alteration to their once a month or twice a month schedule, they have the option to apply their prepaid maintenance visits to treat the new acute problem.

If they do NOT want to apply their maintenance visits to the new acute problem, They have the option to place their plan on hold, and use the following special pricing payment plan:

When the patient finishes care for the new injury or flare up, they may resume their monthly maintenance care plans.

Nutritional Support

Nutritional deficiencies, whether from poor dietary choices or genetic predispositions, can lead to fatigue, insomnia, depression, poor concentration & more. Over time, poor nutrition can lead to more severe health problems & significantly decrease quality of life. Supplements enrich the body, fortify cells, & support the renewal process, helping to optimize nutrition.

Opie Chiropractic is a Licensed Distributor of Reliv Products

Optimum health includes optimum nutrition. Wellness Packages include 1 free month of nutritional support, targeting their top health concerns & goals. This will include one free supplement from the list below, in order to help them feel their best.

If you have any questions about these Reliv Products, or any other products offered by Reliv, feel free to ask our Doctors or staff at any time. You also do not have to purchase a Wellness Package to try Reliv – our office is a licensed distributor, and we can help you address your nutritional support needs at any time.

Family and Friend Referrals

Did you know that having good friends, a strong social support network, and spending time with family is good for your health?

Yes, this is true! So what better way to enhance your health than to share the benefits of Chiropractic Care with those you care about?

If you have additional question, or want to know more about these plans, Give us a call or contact our Billing Office today!

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