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We welcome you to our office. As a family owned practice, we have two goals for our patients. First, we hope that you feel welcome as a member of our healthcare family. Second, we desire to take you to the best health that you have ever enjoyed. Chiropractic is an excellent conservative style of medicine. Through adjustments, individualized therapies, and nutritional care, chiropractic can improve not only your musculoskeletal health, but also improve your overall health and well-being, all while saving you money compared to expensive, side-effect laden drugs.

We are honored that you have chosen us as your chiropractic practice. We want you to know that your health concerns are our health concerns. We promise to always give you highest quality of healthcare and help you find the answers to all your healthcare questions.

Yours for better Health,

The Doctors and Staff at Opie Chiropractic

Chiropractic Adjustment

Most people know that Chiropractic care can reduce pain, correct posture, and help after a motor vehicle accident. Chiropractic manipulation also improves mobility, increases circulation, reduces stress, and strengthens the immune system.

Massage Therapy

We offer 15 minute therapeutic massage sessions by a licensed massage therapist. Massage therapy in conjunction with Chiropractic care can reduce anxiety and help the body become less tense and more receptive to chiropractic treatment.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cutting edge technology with Cold Laser therapy has been clinically proven to help repair damaged tissue, increase cellular energy to speed recovery, and reduce inflammation without medication, and can be used to treat a wide array of ailments.

See our latest offers and updates…

Annual Holiday Canned Food Drive & 2020 Specials

It’s time again to spread some holiday cheer to those in need – Join us for our Annual Holiday Canned Food Drive! We know everyone has had a rough time this year. Between pandemics and politics, many of us have felt overwhelmed, isolated, and afraid, but there is no better cure for feeling down than…

Groupon Offers

We are now offering deals on Groupon! Yes, we are very excited to have two exciting deals that we have put together on Groupon for both our new and existing patients! Relaxation Package Our first package is a fabulous deal for anyone, new patients or existing, and would also make a fantastic gift this holiday…

FSA and HSA Funds – How we can Help!

What are FSA’s and HSA’s? How are they Different? An FSA is a Flexible Spending Account and an HSA is a Health Savings Account. They are essentially accounts you place money into throughout the year that you can then use, tax free, for out of pocket medical expenses. If you have never heard of them,…

Dr. Douglas D. Opie, D.C.

Second generation Chiropractor, Consulting Doctor for the practice.

Dr. Ammon A. Opie, D.C.

Third generation Chiropractor, Active Doctor for the practice.

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