Annual Holiday Canned Food Drive & 2020 Specials

It’s time again to spread some holiday cheer to those in need – Join us for our Annual Holiday Canned Food Drive!

We know everyone has had a rough time this year. Between pandemics and politics, many of us have felt overwhelmed, isolated, and afraid, but there is no better cure for feeling down than helping others! We at Opie Chiropractic hold a canned food drive every year in December, but this year, we wanted to do a little more.

Here are how it works. 12/1/2020 through 12/31/2020:

Existing Patients, come in with 20 cans and get one free adjustment.

New Patients, you can receive first day services (which include consultation, full musculoskeletal exam, 1 area of x-ray, adjustment and 1 therapy – a $200 value) for 30 cans!

New this year, we are including an offer for subsequent visits – Patients bringing in 10 or more cans will get free therapies!

AND this year we’ll be keeping track of who has donated what, and the most donations will win a FREE 30 Minute Massage!

(We politely ask that all cans given be nonperishable items of substance, such as beans or vegetables – you know, things that a family could open up and easily eat. We won’t say no to the weird cans of tomato paste or grapefruit juice, but our receptionist might make a face, so if at all possible, please stick to items that could easily be part of an average meal and eaten by most people. This is, after all, the season for kindness. Thank you.)

A little kindness and charity, giving and doing what we can, can go a long way in not only bringing hope and joy to others, but lifting our own spirits as well. A few cans of food may be a small thing, but to someone in need, it could be a miracle. Whatever holiday you celebrate, we hope you will join us in giving back to our community. Lets lessen our own fears by calming the fears of others, feel more connected and less isolated by letting others they are not alone, and mend our own broken hearts by bringing joy to someone else.

A few cans of food might not be much, but for those in need, they might just be the miracle they were hoping and praying for. Join is in taking back 2020, and making the last bit of it a season of miracles!

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